5 Fun Ways To Entertain Your Baby Through A Diaper Change

5 Fun Ways To Entertain Your Baby Through A Diaper Change

Being a new parent can be a lovely and joyful time in your life. However, changing your baby's diapers is one part of child-rearing that can make you apprehensive. The changing of diapers is a chore that needs to be done several times a day for years on end, and it doesn’t have the best reputation. But while babies are not always the most cooperative when it comes down to it, it can still be a delightful and unique experience to be shared between parent and child.


However, you can use some methods to turn this into a sensory and bonding experience for you and your child. If you're looking for tips on occupying and entertaining your baby through a diaper change, you're on the right page!


1. Distract them

The secret to a successful diaper-changing session is a distraction. Do whatever you can to divert your child’s attention while you change their diaper, such as singing a song, shaking a rattle, making silly faces, giving them a special toy, or telling a story in a funny voice. All of these distractions will keep your toddler engaged and amused while you change their diaper, resulting in less wriggling and resistance on your child's part.


2. Narrate what is happening

Your infant's speech and language development will be aided when they start to connect their experiences and the words you use. When you narrate your actions (i.e. removing the diaper, getting a fresh one, and putting the baby's clothes on), your child listens, even if they don't necessarily understand what you're saying. Explaining what the baby feels and why in a melodic voice can be constructive, making them less confused and calmer. The baby can also be questioned about their feelings to get them to pause and think instead of struggling.


3. Give them toys to play with

Some infants detest having their diapers changed. Offer them their favourite toy to play with while changing diapers and wiping them to keep them occupied and quiet. You might even choose to offer your infant a special "changing toy" only when it's time to change their diaper. They will be thrilled and preoccupied when they receive it, allowing you to work in peace.


4. Sing them a song

There are many songs to choose from, and doing so can provide a host of benefits for your child. Do consider singing a few of your child's favourite nursery rhymes specifically for when you're changing their diapers. In this manner, they will be diverted, excited, and perhaps subconsciously, even look forward to changing times as they bond with their caretakers.


5. Distract them with a mobile


Mobiles above the cot should be avoided because they could endanger the child if any of the trinkets fall. Additionally, they have the effect of being too distracting and will likely keep the infant awake throughout the night. However, above the changing mat, where you'll be watching everything, the distraction it offers will work wonders for you and will enthral your child enough to keep their non-stop fidgeting at bay. The more distracting, bright, and musical, the better.



Diaper changing will not always be a walk in the park, but like all other aspects of parenting, it can be extremely rewarding. Just make sure to use the tips and tricks listed above to make the most of the time spent with your little one while ensuring their comfort, happiness, and safety.


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